Le-Vel Thrive Black Label DFT Patch For Wight Loss

Le-Vel Thrive Black Label DFT Patch For Wight Loss


  • By Kristy

    I am curious about loss of sleep? I started the patch and shake yesterday and had an awful time trying to stay asleep. Any suggestions?

    • By Ebonet

      Kristy-my husband has issues at first until he got used to the system. He cut everything in half and took off the patch at night.

    • By Anna

      Hi, Kristy! I’m not sure what your activity level looked like during the day that day, but many times I have found that upon beginning any new metabolic enhancement supplements, in order to get the best sleep possible, especially in those first few days while the body is acclimating to the supplements, it is necessary for me to go for a brisk walk about five hours before bed in order to work off some of the extra energy. Hope this helps!

  • By Donna

    Where can I purchase it

    • By Travis

      Are you still looking to purchase? I am a promoter and I can get you set up.

  • By Sharon

    cost of just patches.

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