Brain Boosters


  • By Abdel

    Where do you buy it from?
    Is it affordable for the John Does of the world
    Please advise & Thanks


    Im having difficulty in getting thru via e-mai to re: order given.

    John P.. Signes Ord.#9037711

  • By Milan

    I live in Serbia, I wonder how I can order a brain storm.Gde can leave my data if there is a possibility to send mail.

  • By Carlos Guillen

    It this product is so great, then why don’t you have the FDA stamp of approval on their bottles.
    Is it because it may not pass it’s efficacy test? Allowing the FDA to verify and attest to it’s benefits Would bring you so many more billions in profits. Haven’t you read yet the book by Dr. Paul Offit? it is titled: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC.
    Spend some money and have the FDA test your product and I can sincerely assure you that you will make 10000000 times more in profits than you are now making.

  • By Ramses

    I have started taking brain storm for almost one week and I am yet to see any result. How long does it take to start seeing results?

  • By Ramses

    I started but have seen no result- how long does it take to get results?

  • By Arthur WAlczyk

    It may cause tinnitus.
    I’m very healthy and work out regularly.
    Started to take product and developed tinnitus (ringing) I my ear and has not stopped for over 2 weeks.

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